Fitment: Universal

Edelbrock 91111 QwikData General Purpose T..

Qwikdata ThermocoupleUse to connect general purpose thermocouple. Connects to TK-4 thermocouple conv..


Fitment: Universal

Edelbrock 91117 QwikData Cobalt Magnet

Qwikdata Cobalt MagnetRare earth magnets for all shaft speed sensors. 2 piece.Replacement MagnetUse ..


Fitment: Universal

Edelbrock 91171 QwikData 2 Wide Band Exhau..

SENSOR; WIDE BAND EXHAUST GAS OXYGEN BOSCH LSU 4.2 QD21/8 NPT Stainless Steel Pressure Sensors, Pigt..


Fitment: Universal

Edelbrock 91172 QwikData 2 O2 Sensor Weld ..

WELD ELEMENT; 02 SENSORS; QD2 PRO FLO 2 PRO FLO XT1/8 NPT Stainless Steel Pressure Sensors, Pigtail ..


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